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LX Data Port Communication Protocols R5

Which module does PowerFLARM Eagle use?
The latest PowerFLARM OEM module, packed into the smallest FLARM device on the market.

What type of battery does it use and how long it lasts?
It uses a battery with up to 12 hours of juice.

How to connect it to another device?
Use Bluetooth or Power and data cable to connect it to other devices.

What are the options for PowerFLARM Eagle mobile?
IGC flight recorder, ENL, ADS-B in with non-directional traffic, Garmin TIS support, Diversity module with additional FLARM antenna and Bluetooth.
How can I update my PowerFLARM Eagle mobile?
Download the latest version from the LX navigation website and transfer it to the root of the USB key. Connect it to the device and power it up. Wait 10 minutes and restart the device.
Should I configure my device prior to first use?
Yes, it is important you configure your device and check if you have the latest Software before using it for the first time.

For which aircraft can I use iris series instruments?
iris EFIS and iris EFIS pro were designed for Ultralight, Microlight, TMG and Experimental market, basically for all Non-Certified aircraft (No TSO).

Which AHRS sensor is used and is it accurate?
We use the same sensor as some certified avionics manufacturers which is believed to be one of the best on the market.

How do I upgrade and which functions do I get with iris EFIS pro?
We can provide you with the password to unlock new features on your iris EFIS device. Upgrading to Pro version you will get Airport and Route navigation page with free airspace support and free database with 3D terrain maps, Advanced G-force page with adjustable scale, min and max value with visual presentation of actual G load and Logbook with flight details and download options.

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