Barocalibration for valid IGC flights

What is Barocalibration?

Barocalibration is the procedure of  calibrating the IGC flight recorder for validation for competitions, OLC or any other official flight platform.

Valid IGC flights

LX navigation releases the official document, the Barocalibration chart which proves that your device is IGC validated for the next 5 years since the date of calibration procedure.

Time needed

As the Barocalibration service runs on the principle of "First in, first out", it usually takes up to 2 weeks depending on the workload. Use express service to skip the line.

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Device shipped
The pilot sends us the device to the company address.
Device received
We receive the device and put it in the waiting line.
Device is prepared
We inspect and prepare the device for the procedure.
Barocalibration chart
We print the official document with Barocalibration chart.
The pilot will receive an invoice for service once the device is calibrated.
Device sent back
After payment confirmation, we will ship the device and document back.