Michaela Lindorfer

Device/s in use
Colibri X, LX 10K
Glider pilot
Flights per year
110 hours
Type of pilot
Club pilot
Glider in use
DG 300
Club member
USFC Trieben


"I received my Colibri X as gift for winning the competition. After getting familiar with the device we decided to install LX 10K in club glider DG 300 which I use.
When you choose LX navigation, you have a top service and flight computer.
I prefer LX navigation, because everything is top. When you have some questions or need some help the team is friendly and the answer is always comming soon."

The pilot is using

Colibri X

Unique highest quality display, with transflective technologyβ„’ which allows the pilot amazing visibility even in the highest sunlight conditions in cockpit. Colibri X is the next generation from well known Colibri 2 flight recorder, which many called "Black box".

Full navigation with free worldwide 3D terrain map, Airspace support, Thermal assistant, FLARM radar, Logbook and much more.

LX 10K

The latest developed, LX 10K vario-navigation system features the biggest digital display in 80 mm navigation instrument. Always in pair with vario indicator, pilots can chose between digital and analog, which can be 57 or 80 mm.

The system was developed to replace any older generation LX vario systems such as LX4000, LX5000, LX7000, LX7007 pro IGC and others with same user logic and operation simplicity with tons of modern features like 3D terrain maps, backup battery, WiFi and Bluetooth and more.

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