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KRT2-L Mini Landscape

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The TQ-KRT2-L Mini Landscape aviation radio is one of the most modern aircraft radios on the market. Lowest weight, most compact dimensions, lowest power consumption are made possible by the highly digitized technology.

1.279,78 ā‚¬

1.096,78 ā‚¬ Price excl. VAT 899,00 ā‚¬


ST1 for KRT2

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20,62 ā‚¬ 26,84 ā‚¬

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KRT2-P Mini Portrait

Save 183,00 ā‚¬

1.096,78 ā‚¬ 1.279,78 ā‚¬

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KRT2 Standard

Save 305,00 ā‚¬

1.401,78 ā‚¬ 1.706,78 ā‚¬

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Remote Control KRT2-RC

Save 36,60 ā‚¬

511,18 ā‚¬ 547,78 ā‚¬

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