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LX Salus user manual – Enlgish (SW 1.4, Revision 1)

LX Device Pinout

Does it have a backup battery?
Yes, with up to 3 hours of juice as standard.
Can it be configured to show vertical speed, IAS or altitude on the main analog scale?
Yes, it can be configured in the factory to any given aircraft specification.

What is the difference between 57 mm and 80 mm version?
Only the size. The same display of 1.9" is used.

Can I change the units on the scale?
To change the scale from 0 - 5 m/s to 0 -10 kts you need to send the device to LX navigation in order to change and rescale the device.

What kind of navigation does it offer?
The Salus offers Turnpoint and Route navigation.

Is it compatible with all Flarm devices?
The Salus is compatible with any FLARM or PowerFLARM device. We suggest using it with PowerFLARM Eagle.

Is it compatible with the LX Joy?
Yes, it is.
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All-in-one instrument with a backup battery


Standard 57 mm cutout with a sunshine readable display and mechanical needle instrument will give you airspeed, climb rate and altitude with navigation, G-meter and logbook.

All in one design

Compact Salus will give you IAS, VSI and ALT with tons of additional features with backup battery.


2 separate navigations to Waypoint (WP) and Route (RTE) at the same time.

Additional features

Pilot will also have G-meter with current, max and min value, logbook with download to SD card ad much more.

Backup battery

Salus has a built-in battery, which will provide power for additional 3h after electrical failure.


60 x 60 x 50 mm


150 g


100 mA @ 12 V DC

Power supply

8 -24 V DC

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