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LX 10K 2.1 874

New official version for LX 10K, use code "00000".

Release notes for LX 10K 2.1 874



LX 10K user manual – English (SW 1.6, Revision 1)

Installation manual (LX 10k, LX Era, LX Traffic Monitor, LX iris series) - English (Revision 2)

LX Radio Transceiver Connections manual - R1

LX Device Pinout



Airspace and Airport database 2022 (All, C22)

Turnpoint database - Alps Summits J20

Flarmnet database

Does LX10K have a backup battery?
Yes, the main unit has a backup battery. On the vario indicator side, only the digital units have a backup battery. Both have 3 hours of juice inside.

Is it an IGC certified flight recorder?
Yes, it is an IGC flight recorder with ENL without any limitation and optionally expandable to MOP.

Does it have WiFi?
Yes, in combination with Bluetooth, it allows the 10k to access all LX cloud supported features. It can upload flights, download the database, backup your profiles, etc.

Which third party devices does it support?
It supports everything from PNAs/PDAs like the Oudie, to Android devices with XC Soar and LK8000.

What kind of navigation does it offer?
The LX10K offers simultaneous navigation on four dedicated pages: Turnpoint, Airport, Task and Nearest navigation. The navigation screens feature airspaces, turnpoints and airports, as well as simple maps with terrain elevation.

Is it compatible with all Flarm devices?
The LX10K is compatible with any Flarm and PowerFlarm device. We suggest using it with the Flarm Eagle.

Can it send frequencies to my radio transceiver?
Yes, it can also provide GPS to your transponder.

Is it compatible with the LX Joy?
Yes, it is.

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LX 10K

Ultimate Upgrade system

Compatible with LX Cloud
The Latest developed, LX 10K vario-navigation system features the biggest digital display in 80 mm navigation instrument. Always in pair with vario indicator, pilots can chose between digital and analog, which can be 57 or 80 mm.

The system was developed to replace any older generation LX vario systems such as LX4000, LX5000, LX7000, LX7007 pro IGC and others with same user logic and operation simplicity with tons of modern features like 3D terrain maps, backup battery, WiFi and Bluetooth and more.
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Equip your club gliders

LX 10K is perfect for club gliders. The installation and use is simple and intuitive without compromising any features.

Super smart yet simple

From ground up, we reinvented the graphic user interface and made the user experience simple yet sophisticated.

Replace old vario system

LX 10K was designed as upgrade of older vario-navigation units and will fit into the standard instrument panel cutouts. 

Feature packed system

3D terrain maps with IGC + ENL flight recorder, G-meter, full navigation, backup battery and more you just can't go wrong.
Vario indicator 

Fully digital cockpit with unique display

LX navigation is proud to claim the unique visibility with transflective technology of LCD displays.

Behind the layer of crystals, right above the backlight, the display has a semi-transflective layer, which is reflective for the direct sunlight. In cockpit, pilot can see it even better than any other display technology available today.

Main unit

80 mm / 2.25”

Vario indicator

Analogue 57 / Digital 57 / 80


Club / Competition


AHRS / Joystick / Flaps sensor

The biggest display in 80 mm on the market

LX10K packs the biggest display in 80 mm navigation device on the market and it will fit right into your instrument panel without any cutting or drilling, installed in less than half an hour.

Vario indicator comes as 57 or 80 mm and in analogue or digital vario scale.
User interface

Easy to use device

Our development team works hand in hand with visual and graphics department to design the most versatile and straight forward user interface. 

We strive to make your flight better, longer and safer with ability for you to focus on one single thing that really matters, gliding.
Backup & memory

Backup battery is our standard

All our devices come with backup battery in case of electrical failure with at least 3 hours of battery juice inside.

We have been able to save numerous competition flights with backup battery power and made it a standard, because we understand how important it is, to have a backup.




Wi-Fi & Bluetooth


16 GB internal memory


Free 3D terrain maps

2 push buttons, 2 rotary push buttons

We designed the smart and intuitive button layout for the best user-experience in the cockpit.

Simple control over the complex device

User experience is superb, as you move through pages with rotary knob and select your options with push function. Each page is designed to be readable and clear to understand.

The biggest transflective display on the market

Transflective display technology is the best to use in cockpit. And we did it. LX 10K has the biggest display in 80 mm device on the market.

Connectivity is the key

We strive to make our instruments easy to install and use. That is why we use CAN bus to connect our devices.

Just in case, you have backup

It is always smart to have a backup. That’s why LX 10K has a backup battery and an IGC approved flight recorder built inside.

Plug & play accessories

Choose between multiple LX accessories, all designed to be simply connected via CAN and ready to use.

Nearest landable point for your safety

LX10K comes with full navigation to Turnpoint (TP), Airport (APT), Task (TSK) and Nearest landable (NRST) which will navigate you at any given moment to the nearest landable point.

Thermal assistant

Once pilot enters the thermal and starts to circle, Thermal assistant page will appear on the main screen. In the centre, is the relative direction of the wind with its direction and speed. On the left side of the screen is the Indicated airspeed tape and on the right side is the Altitude tape. Follow the bigger red circles to hit the centre of the thermal.

Flarm radar with details

LX10K supports any FLARM or PowerFLARM device. Once connected, Flarm radar page will appear with adjustable zoom level, selectable objects with details, custom IDs and more. Audio-visual warning will appear if there is a potential collision.

Unlock the full potential

Connect your LX10K to Joystick

"Plug and play" ergonomic Joystick with hand-stitched leather finish will improve the dynamics in the cockpit and make pilots workload even easier. Control all the functions with clever 5-way central button and dedicated buttons for:
  • Up/down/left/right/push to confirm central button
  • BOX button will change the NavBox view
  • X button will exit the current menu
  • MC button will enter the MacCready, Bugs and Ballast setup
  • VOL button will enter the Volume setup
  • Push to talk button (PTT) will operate your Radio 
  • Speed control button in the back of Joystick

Find the right vario indicator

All vario indicators offer the same functionally
LX10K main unit
Analog vario indicator 57
Digital vario indicator 57
Digital vario indicator 80
Size82 x 82 x 52 mm 
60 x 60 x 62 mm62 x 62 x 63 mm
82 x 82 x 52 mm
Weight313 g218 g215 g279 g
Resolution320 x 240 px320 x 240 px320 x 240 px320 x 240 px
Brightness500 cd/mΒ²500 cd/mΒ²500 cd/mΒ²500 cd/mΒ²
Display size3.5"1.8"2.5"3.5"
Backup batteryYesNoYesYes
Power usage250 mA @ 12V DC150 mA @ 12V DC150 mA @ 12V DC150 mA @ 12V DC

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