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LX iris EFIS 2.1 911

New official version for LX iris EFIS and LX iris EFIS pro, use code "00000".

Release note for LX iris EFIS 2.1 911



LX iris EFIS user manual (Revision 2)

Installation manual (LX 10k, LX Era, LX Traffic Monitor, LX iris series) - English (Revision 2)

LX Radio Transceiver Connections manual - R1

LX Device Pinout



Airspace and Airport database 2022 (All, C22)

Turnpoint database - Alps Summits J20

Flarmnet database

For which aircraft can I use iris series instruments?
iris EFIS and iris EFIS pro were designed for Ultralight, Microlight, TMG and Experimental market, basically for all Non-Certified aircraft (No TSO).

Which AHRS sensor is used and is it accurate?
We use the same sensor as some certified avionics manufacturers which is believed to be one of the best on the market.

How do I upgrade and which functions do I get with iris EFIS pro?
We can provide you with the password to unlock new features on your iris EFIS device. Upgrading to Pro version you will get Airport and Route navigation page with free airspace support and free database with 3D terrain maps, Advanced G-force page with adjustable scale, min and max value with visual presentation of actual G load and Logbook with flight details and download options.

iris EFIS
Ultimate PFD instrument with a backup battery

Ultra-precise AHRS module inside
Next-generation of PFD instruments is the ultimate solution for equipping your ultralight, microlight, TMG or experimental aircraft.

Equip your aircraft with a multifunctional device with a backup battery.
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Equip your UL

iris series was designed to be installed in ultralight aircraft where it can replace all analog basic instrument.

Digital cockpit

Futuristic, glass cockpits are the way to go and iris series instruments are the ultimate solution.

Ultra precise

LX navigation strives to use only top-notch components to build ultimate instruments for the best experience.

Accuracy is the key

iris series are fine calibrated and known as one of the most accurate instruments on the market.
iris EFIS pro

Upgrade anytime to pro version

iris EFIS is a standalone PFD with a single page layout. It all flight dependant information.

Upgrade your unit to iris EFIS pro and get Route (RTE) and Airport (APT) navigation with airspace support and 3D terrain maps with 12 different color palettes, G-force page, Logbook and much more.

Cut-out size

57 mm / 80 mm


iris EFIS / iris EFIS pro




Master / Slave

APT and RTE navigation

Upload free APT and TP to plan, build and execute your own Route. Navigate to Airport, check its details, radio frequency, Runway direction and runway terrain.

Select between 12 different 3D terrain colour palettes. Upload free airspace and manage them, adjust colours, disable and more.
Backup & memory

Backup battery is our standard

All our devices come with backup battery in case of electrical failure with at least 3 hours of battery juice inside.

We have been able to save numerous competition flights with backup battery power and made it a standard, because we understand how important it is, to have a backup.


62 x 62 x 52 mm (WxLxD)
82 x 82 x 52 mm (WxLxD)


278 g

Power supply

9 - 30 V DC


250 mA @ 12 V DC
250 mA @ 12 V DC

Cockpit of tomorrow

The trend of avionics and aircraft instruments is going fully digital. We are leading the way with super bright, transflective display and totally digital devices.

The most accurate airspeed indicator

Finely tuned devices go through a complex process of calibration to provide the most accurate information. Test it yourself.

Configurable interface

A unique function developed to offer the best user experience - from manufacturers to service personnel and final user - pilots.

Installation and configuration

The back is as important as the front

LX navigation strives to develop easy to use as well as easy to install instruments. To provide clear functions and actions, we mark every button or rotary knob.

The same applies to the back of the device, where we mark each port. The installation and wiring should not take more than 30 minutes of your time.

Find the right device

Check the differences. Don't worry, it can be upgraded at any time.
iris EFIS
iris EFIS pro
BatteryUp to 3hUp to 3h
APT navigationNoYes
RTE navigationNoYes
3D terrain mapsNoYes

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