Markus Uhlig

Device/s in use
LX Zeus, LX Era, Colibri II, Traffic Monitor
Glider pilot
Flights per year
150 hours
Type of pilot
Cross-country pilot
Glider in use
Jantar Std. 3
Club member
FC GroรŸrรผckerswalde


"I have been using the Zeus in my glider for 6 years. 4 years ago I added the EOS, which I soon replaced with the ERA. I find the combination of stand-alone vario with backup battery and backup navigation in conjunction with the large moving map on the Zeus incredibly useful, helpful and solid. The Zeus is easy to use with the permanently labelled buttons and forms a robust system with the ERA. The Colibri II automatic declaration makes it easy to prepare for large flights and saves time early in the morning. With the Colibri II and the ERA, I always have two Level 1 loggers with identical declarations on board, which is important for record flights. In addition, the connection of the FLARM to the ZEUS is reliable and the FLARM can also be declared. The PowerFLARM runs as a completely decoupled backup navigation system, which displays the current position on the LX Traffic Monitor and its moving map."

The pilot is using

Zeus vario-navigation system

Zeus navigation systems are intuitive and easy to use. With 2 rotary switches and short/long press buttons you control the greatest asset in your cockpit. You can use LX CAN BUS connectors for all devices. That means you can transfer power and data via single cable to every LX navigation device. Smart, right?

Era variometer

Next generation Era variometer features the latest technology for the most accurate data enquiry delivered through the super bright, transflective display and smart user interface in 57 mm or 80 mm.

Era variometer features IGC+ENL flight recorder with backup battery, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, TP, APT, TSK and NEAREST navigation with airspace support, G-meter, FLARM radar and more.

Traffic monitor

Based on the LX 10K platform, the LX Traffic Monitor is our most advanced Flarm display unit. Compatible with all Flarm devices, it can easily connect with other LX devices over CAN or be a pass-through device with Flarm.

It comes in both 57 mm and 80 mm sizes and offers a Flarm radar page, Flarm warnings, voice module, navigation to airport and navigation to turnpoint, all with out intuitive, easy to use software.

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