All-in-one instrument with a backup battery


Standard 57 mm cutout with a sunshine readable display and mechanical needle instrument will give you airspeed, climb rate and altitude with navigation, G-meter and logbook.

All in one design

Compact Salus will give you IAS, VSI and ALT with tons of additional features with backup battery.


2 separate navigations to Waypoint (WP) and Route (RTE) at the same time.

Additional features

Pilot will also have G-meter with current, max and min value, logbook with download to SD card ad much more.

Backup battery

Salus has a built-in battery, which will provide power for additional 3h after electrical failure.


60 x 60 x 50 mm


150 g


100 mA @ 12 V DC

Power supply

8 -24 V DC

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