The new Zeus OS 4.
Update developed for a totally new Zeus experience.
What's new in Zeus OS 4

The new Zeus OS 4 was developed with the new approaches that sets LX navigation company on a new path. By expanding our team we have expanded the Zeus features. We have designed totally new user interface with intiutive interaction and excellent legibility. New detailed maps and redesigned indicators for a better overview. With software solutions we removed old issues and reduced computing time.

Redesigned for a better overview.

For years the Zeus graphical interface was floating around the screen. With this special update we thought in the way of more order. By designing unique grid system you get much more control and better data overview. The Zeus interface is now friendly to read.

New indicators

Wind Indicator

A complete redesign on the wind indicator makes it more legible even at smaller size.


Buddy Flarm Object

This indicator is a new feature on the main screen. We’ve designed the flarm indicator showing position of your gliding friend.


Airspace Indicator

By adding iconography to this indicator, we believe we made it easier to understand the airspace position.


Flarm Radar

Improved Flarm radar indicator with more accurate signalisation.

40% less

CPU Consumption

2x faster

Response Time

10x more

Map Information

4x faster

Maps Loading
New detailed maps.

With this update we wanted to do a complete makeover of Zeus. By adding new detailed maps with better indicated roads, airports, highways, railways and cities, we believe we have made the most accurate and useful Zeus so far.

New typography, new icons, more design.

The new Zeus update comes with a new set of icons and typography We choose the Google Roboto font that is very space-efficient and It has a mechanical skeleton and the forms are largely geometric. At the same time, the font features friendly and open curves. With new fonts and icons your Zeus will look more crisp and easy to read.

Clean display. Versatile user experience.
New searching filter

Searching for right information has never been easier. Filter your list by country, final glide, TRK, name or distance.

High contrast colour pallete
We designed a new colour palette for Zeus interface. With high contrast of black and blue we manage to keep your focus on the right information.
Buttons Bar

For a better accessibility we redesigned the screen buttons by aligning them into grid system that points to a certain physical button on Zeus device.

Data Hierarchy

In some data lists available in Zeus we are displaying lot of informations that we ordered them in the space-efficient grid system that gives good data overview.


By adding icons for building data hierarchy, we managed to design clean and legible display.

Sympathetic Interface

We have designed lots of small details that makes Zeus device not just good looking but more fun to use.

Easier typing. Faster setup.
Take Zeus Personal

We designed the new graphical user interface in the way that you will get more comfort meanwhile using the Zeus device. All the features that personalise your Zeus device remains and we even saturated some of the features by redesigning the user experience. You will still be able to add further customisation to your Zeus OS look.

Setup Menu.

The main setup menu is updated with new icons and new responsive layout that works even for smaller sizes of the Zeus device. With grid ordered layout we created much cleaner  look and faster selection of your favourite features in new Zeus OS.

Easy access.

By reducing the colour palette and setting information in grid alignment we managed to gain more space on screen and this allowed us to design better informational hierarchy. With better overview of the OS, you will access your information faster.

view features
Way more useful statistics.

At the statistics subpages we redesigned all displays. Thermal log and Barograph screens are now displaying more precise graphs. For a better overview and access we rearranged buttons and expanded map display.

More transparent editing.

With unique interface design and creation of better data contrast, we have developed smoother user experience and retained the same amount of data displayed. We saturated many points in the OS layout and delivered you an easy experience of the Zeus device.

Details that matters


By adding icons to all levels of the Zeus OS we have made space efficient displays allowing us to list the information in clean and very readable way.



For better and faster access, we have designed accent points and dimmed layers that help to pop out the right information.


Leveled Menu

With this update we kept the old multilevel menu and upgrade it with more consistent layout and data display. Now you know your position when accessing your data.

Advance Flarm

With new OS update we introduce you the new Flarm features. You are now able to detect infinite flarm objects and follow the selected one by marking it as a favourite. We have eliminate long-press button access with new buttons bar that helped us gain more space on display. The new Flarm radar display is now more transparent.

Update your Zeus.

If you want to test our device please find your local dealer or contact us.
We would be pleased to take you through our systems.

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