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Software & Updates

Here you can download our latest updates on our operating systems. Please feel welcome to discover other software to support your LX navigation devices.

OS updates


Other tools



  • LX 7007 C and CB / LX 5000 R version 3.60 download
  • LX 528 version 0.8.0 download
  • Colibri II version 1.93
    (send request to update-service (at)
  • Flarm units version 6.01 download
  • LX Flarm Colour Display II download

LX Zeus SIMULATOR 4.0.1 download

LX Zeus SIMULATOR 3.6.4 download
Download and install a LX ZEUS simulator, which is available for Windows. Please go slowly through the entry tutorial. Simulator is also capable to create a CUSTOM layout, which you can export on the USB key and import into the LX Zeus.


Checklist editor for LX Zeus download
Run Checklisteditor.exe and press button Add List (example: before take off). Now add an action after press on Add Item (Canopy; Closed). Save your checklist file to USB key after press on SAVE button. File name should be maximum 11 characters long.


LXe Software


For Windows Vista users right click on LXe icon and check same items as you see on following picture


Airspace and Airport database installation is recommended before running LXe for the first time.


Download LXe (17 mb): download


Download LXe USB drivers (FOR COLIBRI 4.0): download

CONVERTOR .DA4 to .CUP download


IGC dll

IGC flight validation tools (DLL) for all LX navigation IGC approved units incl. LX Eos, Colibri II and LX 7007C.

Download IGC dll: download


LXas Browser

Airspace building tool for Windows ver.

Download LXas Browser: download


LXA Converter

LXA converter to .AF (for Zeus and LX 7007 C) download