RPM indicator
RPM indicator with totalizer for ROTAX engines.
Standard 57mm cutout with a sunshine readable display and mechanical needle.
In simple we trust.

This reliable and dedicated instrument will display current RPM value and totalizer.

Effortless installation.

We strive to design easy to use and install device which are reliable to serve pilots with highest standards.

Over 40 years of experience.

At LX navigation we believe that the graphical user interface of our operating system deliver even better cockpit integration. That is why we have developed simple and effective display layout for your pilots specific requirements.

Functional design

RPM indicator is known as durable and reliable instrument.

Clear interface & legible data

The RPM value is displayed with analog, mechanical needle and on sunshine readable display.

Design options

Clients can choose the design of the RPM scale and colour ranges. Custom details, logos and texts may be applied.

Compact dimensions

The design of the instrument is as compact as it can be to fit any given instrument panel.

Decades of experience and know-how in the avionics.

RPM indicator

Tech specs



Size and weight


Height: 60 millimeters (2.36 inches)

Width: 60 millimeters (2.36 inches)

Depth: 50 millimeters (1.97 inches)

Weight: 150 grams (0.33 pound / 5.3 oz)






Power supply: 12 V DC (8 -24 V DC)

Power consumption: 100 mA @ 12 V

Fuse: Internal resettable fuse



 Options and upgrades


Contact our local dealer for upgrade options.




 Warranty and Services


Your RPM indicator comes with technical support and two-year limited warranty.