Zeus 7.0
High-end air navigation system with 7.0 inch anti-reflection screen.
Portrait or landscape.
Competition proven high performance vario-navigation system.
Always in pair with LX variometer by your choice.
In simple we trust.

Zeus navigation systems are intuitive and easy to use. With 2 rotary switches and short/long press buttons you control the mastermind in your glider.

Effortless installation.

We use standard CAN BUS connectors for all devices. That means you can transfer power and data via single cable with every LX navigation device. Smart, right?

40 years of experience in one device.

At LX navigation we believe that optional user customisation of our operating systems can deliver even better cockpit integration of the Zeus. That is why we have developed simple and effective display layout customisation for your personal requirements.

Top edge hardware and software. With the biggest display.

The complete software package was developed by the team with root air navigation knowledge. The system consists of a main unit with display, push buttons, rotary switches and a vario unit which can be fitted into any 57 mm or 80 mm standard instrument panel cut-out.

Connect everything with CAN

Over 40 years of experience and development to make the best gliding instrument. To connect your devices with ease we use the CAN connection for power and data supply for all our devices.

Your competiton instrument

The team of highly motivated glider pilots have developed the Zeus. It is competition proven device with user friendly OS which is used by many top pilots world wide. Understanding the device is the most important if you want to experience its full potential. And you will.

8 buttons layout

We designed the smart and intuitive button layout with short/long press functions made of durable aluminium for the best user-experience ever.

Connectivity is the key

We strive to make our instruments easy to install and use. That is why we use CAN bus to connect our devices.

Super anti-glare display

The high resolution display is more than 2x brighter in order to be super visible during the flights. Anti-glare technology makes it readable even in the brightest conditions in the cockpit.

Everybody can operate the device

Short and long press buttons for faster access to pages. Upper text on the button is short, lower is long press. Use two rotate knobs to travel thru menus or set values.

Just in case, you have backup

It is always smart to have a backup. That’s why all our variometers have an IGC approved flight recorder built inside .

Plug & play accessories

Choose between multiple LX accessories, all designed to be simply connected via CAN and ready to use.

Flight recorder.

Highest level IGC approved flight recorder is placed in vario unit with backup battery for competition pilots.


Easy file trasfers via front Micro SD card reader and USB port in the back. Handle the files with ease.

World maps.

Free world map with terrain, airspace and airport support or import your own ICAO map. It is up to you.


Intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface with clear actions and great contrast settings.


Turnpoint, Task and Airport navigation can run at the same time. Make your own .cup files and easily import it.


Let the Zeus does all the work for you during the flight. Just seat back and enjoy.


Audio-visual warnings with flarm radar, widgets, custom callsigns, follow me functions and much, much more.


All the data comes from vario unit with at least 3 hours of back-up battery.

Plug & play accessories
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Tech specs



Size and weight


Height: 190 millimeters (7.48 inches)

Width: 110 millimeters (4.33 inches)

Depth: 52 millimeters (2.04 inches)

Weight: 595 grams (1.31 pound)





 Power and battery


Power supply: 12 V DC

Power consumption: 550 mA @ 12 V





What’s in the box


LX Zeus 7.0

LX Era / Eos

CAN connectors

GPS Antenna

Quick guide

Baro-calibration chart (optional)







2x CAN connector

RJ11 User 1 port data connector

RJ11 User 2 port data connector

RJ11 FLARM port data connector

RJ11 FLARM display data connector

USB-A connector





Processor, memory and RAM


1 GHz Arm Cortex A8, 32 GB internal memory and 512 MB DDR RAM





Flight recorder


IGC (International Gliding Commission) approved logger (optional)

ENL (environmental noise level) for combustion engines (optional)





 Options and upgrades


Contact our local dealer for upgrade options.




 Warranty and Services


Your Zeus comes with technical support and two-year limited warranty.





 Create your panel


Create your panel: Binder, DG, HpH, Lak, Pipistrel, SchleicherSchempp-Hirth, Silent, JS-1

Cut out drawings: Cut out dxf and dwg