Zeus 4.3 - Big enough to fit into smaller instrument panels
Easy To Use All In One Vario And Air Navigation Device.
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It is what you expect of an air navigation device.

The complete software package was developed by the team with root air navigation knowledge. The system consists of a main unit with display, push buttons, rotary switches and a vario unit which can be fitted into any 57 mm standard instrument panel cut out.

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Intuitive and legible user interface
The new Zeus OS version 4.0 is designed to give you a totally new Zeus experience with faster and easier device control.
Custom Display Layout Management
At LX we believe that optional user customisation of our operating systems can deliver even better cockpit integration of the Zeus. That is why we have developed simple and effective display layout customisation for your personal requirements.
Bright and clear 4.3″ Display

Absolute antiglare sunshine readable color display which ensures perfect reading of graphical and alphanumerical data. Available as portrait and landscape orientation.

Complexity to simplicity. It is how we designed your Zeus experience.
8 multifunction push buttons

Short and long press buttons for faster access to unique features.

Antiglare Bright Display
4.3 inch display with absolute antiglare. Sunshine readability  ensures perfect reading of graphic and alphanumeric data.
2 multifunction rotary switches

Two rotary knobs with push function.

USB port

Front panel USB port serves as a data transfer medium for your upgrades, flight records and more.

Landscape or portrait

The Zeus device is available in portrait or landscape orientation.

+ LX variometer unit

Zeus device comes with any LX variometer.

Competition proven characteristics for best gliding experience.

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Zeus 4.3 – Technical Specifications


  • Flight downloads and all data transfer via USB stick
  • 3 TP files can be active simultaneously
  • CAN BUS connectors
  • Custom design of graphic page layout (no PC tool needed – directly on the Zeus)
  • 2 GPS inputs to maximize gps security – in flight reliability
  • 3D terrain display
  • Every push button supports 2 functions delivered by either a short or long press
  • AHRS (artificial horizon) offered as an integral solution
  • No need to remove the instrument for flight recorder calibration (remove only Colibri II for baro calibration)
  • Colibri II as a high level approved flight recorder, incorporated in the system*
  • Colibri II as a backup / emergency vario-nav system (in case of lack of battery power)
  • Simple conversion from landscape to portrait and vice versa
  • Plug and play connectors
  • Installation as landscape or portrait
  • Upgrade from LX 7000 and LX 7007 to Zeus  – more…
  • ICAO(eg UK CAA) charts available – simple installation via USB stick
  • Supports Rogersdata ICAO charts!


  • 2 computers (embedded ARM Cortex and microcontroller)
  • 2 x CAN ports
  • 2 x GPS ports (Colibri II and Flarm)
  • 2 x Flarm display ports
  • 1 x OAT port
  • 1 x SD interface
  • 1 x USB port A size
  • 8 push buttons and 2 rotary switches
  • 8 GB storage memory


  • Infinite number of NAV BOXES
  • Custom graphic layout
  • 3 main screens (APT, TP, TSK)
  • Every main screen has a SUBPAGE (Airport information and glide path – terrain view)
  • Software (Linux based) developed entirely by LX Navigation
  • Data transfer via USB stick
  • 3 TP (.cup) files can be active at once
  • Import TSK files (.cup)
  • World terrain maps preloaded
  • Update via USB stick – no password needed


  • Color display 4.3 inch
  • Resolution 800 x 480 px
  • High intensity adjustable backlight
  • Absolute antiglare
  • Extended temperature range


  • Second seat unit
  • LX Joy
  • AHRS
  • Voice module
  • Flarm Eagle
  • Flarm color or led display
  • Flaps sensor

Size & Power:

  • Size: 136 x 83 x 52 mm
  • Zeus power consumption around 300 mA at 12V
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