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KRT 2 - Radio transceiver
The newly developed Dittel 8.33 kHz generation radio transceiver is small, light, energy efficient and full of innovative digitalisation technology.
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  • Very high frequency stability and channel separation – under all operating conditions
  • Spectacular low weight of just 360 grams – ideal for gliders and ultralights
  • Compact dimensions – for easy and flexible installation
  • Minimized power consumption – optimized for battery operation in gliders and balloons
  • Crystal-clear voice transmission – for perfect communication
  • Large, high-contrast, long-life TFT colour display for excellent readability – even in direct sunlight
  • Intuitive controls – developed by pilots for pilots
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio


  • Dual watch technology: Beside the main frequency, it is also possible to listen to a second frequency – with adjustable tone and volume control.
  • Speech controlled intercom: Two headsets or loudspeakers with microphones (standard or dynamic) can be connected with the optionally available cable harness
  • 100 freely assignable frequency memories with 8-character, plain-text display: saves the re-entry of often used frequencies
  • Automatic squelch function: the threshold can be adjusted manually
  • Additional AF input: can be used, for example, for warning messages from anti-collision systems (Flarm, ADS-B)
  • Future-proof multi-functionality: through the possibility of firmware upgrades


Standard: 146.5 x 63.5 x 62 mm, Ø57 mm slot
Mini landscape: 147.5 x 62 x 46 mm
Mini portrait: 147.5 x 46 x 62 mm

Technical data:

Frequency precision:
Operating voltage:
Power consumption:
Transmitted power:
Loudspeaker output:
Operating temperature:
Max. operating altitude:

8.33 / 25 kHz VHF radio transceiver, 118,000 – 136,975 MHz, 2278 channels
±5 ppm
ETSO-2C169a / TSO-C169a
EUROCAE ED-23C Class 4, 6, RTCA DO-186B Class 4, 6
EUROCAE ED-23C Class C-D-E-H1/2, RTCA DO-186B Class C-D-E
EUROCAE ED-23C, RTCA DO-186B, RTCA DO-160F, RTCA DO-178B Software Level D
9 – 33 V DC
(@12 V) Standby: 1 – 1.4 W (depending on display brightness settings)
17 – 30 W (depending on modulation level)
6 W @ ≥ 13.5 V
≥10 W in 4 Ω
-15°C … +55°C
360 g
35,000 ft