iris EFIS
57 mm or 80 mm standalone PFD instrument with backup battery.
The ultimate instrument with an integrated backup battery.
Intuitive user interface.

iris EFIS is designed according to the highest standards of visibility and ease of use.

The real-deal.

When talking about backup instruments and reliability, we take it seriously. Your device has 3 – 5h of internal backup battery life activated only if you lose power mid-flight.

Ultimate AHRS instrument

iris EFIS delivers accurate and smooth AHRS data.

Integrated backup battery

iris EFIS has an integrated battery in every unit.

Simple operation

Move through pages with 2 buttons and operate it with 2 push-rotary knobs.

Super visible display

iris EFIS has a magnificent, transflective technology display.

Upgrade your iris EFIS to iris EFIS pro and unlock new features.

iris EFIS

Tech specs



Size and weight


iris EFIS 80 (80 mm / 3.125″)

Height: 82 millimeters (3.23 inches)

Width: 82 millimeters (3.23 inches)

Depth: 52 millimeters (2.05 inches)

Weight: 313 grams (0.69 pound)


iris EFIS 57 (57 mm / 2.25″)

Height: 62 millimeters (2.44 inches)

Width: 62 millimeters (2.44 inches)

Depth: 60.5 millimeters (2.38 inches)

Weight: 242 grams (0.53 pound)





Power and battery


Power supply: 9 – 30 V DC aircraft power

Power consumption: 150 mA @ 12 V DC

Battery: Built-in battery (3-5 hours)



 Options and upgrades


  • Upgrade to iris EFIS pro with .lic file anytime
    (Unlocks Airport and Route navigation page, G-force page, Info page, Logbook page, Airspace, and much more.)
  • Connect any iris series indicator (iris series all-in-one, airspeed indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, G-force or Chrono)




 Warranty and Services


Your iris EFIS comes with technical support and a two-year limited warranty.







User manual for iris EFIS

Installation manual for iris EFIS