Colibri X
Capacitive touchscreen IGC flight recorder with navigation and much more.

Main page with variometer, thermal assistant, wind indicator and navboxes.

Airport navigation for navigation to any airport.

GPS info page provides the information about GPS, time and date.

Setup page is where you can access all setup menus.

Task navigation for cross country or competition fights.

Statistics page appears when in flight and provides flight information.

Turnpoint navigation for navigation to any point.

Nearest landable always navigates you towards the nearest landable point.

Intuitive operational system

As a product of a great research and development, our developers and visual artistic provided intuitive and smart solutions – even for something as dull as typing a numeric value. 

Scroll with style

Scroll wheel is just one of many smart solutions. Same logic is applied for all numeric input. Why type if you can scroll?

Basic variometer

Colibri X provides you basic variometer information with built-in pressure sensor.

Thermal assistant

Helps you find the peak of your thermal.


Turnpoint, Airport, Task and Nearest landable navigation.

Connect with built-in Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS or via Micro USB card.
IGC flight recorder

It is always smart to have a backup. That’s why you can have an IGC approved flight recorder with ENL sensor built inside.


Load airspace files and you decide the colours of outline and fill.

Flight recorder.

Highest level IGC approved flight recorder with up to 18 hours of battery.


Easy file transfers via Micro SD card. Handle the files with ease.


Basic variometer with thermal assistant and wind indicator and much more.


Intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface with clear actions and great contrast settings.


Turnpoint, Airport, Task and Nearest landable navigation can run at the same time.


Let the brain do all the work for you during the flight. Just seat back and enjoy.

Map with terrain.

Free world map with terrain with custom colour palettes and adjustable text size and colour.


Colibri X has up to 18 hours of operational autonomy.

Colibri X

Tech specs



Size and weight


Height: 102 millimeters (4.01 inches)

Width: 71 millimeters (2.79 inches)

Depth: 13 millimeters (0.51 inches)

Weight: 145 grams (0.32 pound)





 Power and battery


Power supply: 5 V DC (via provided wall plug)

Battery: Built-in battery (18 hours)





What’s in the box


Colibri X

Power supply cable

Micro SD card with adapter

Baro-calibration chart










Micro USB port

Micro SD card slot





Processor and memory


LX one chip and 16 GB internal memory, 16 GB external memory





Flight recorder


IGC (International Gliding Commission) approved flight recorder

ENL (environmental noise level) for combustion engines





 Options and upgrades


Contact our local dealer for upgrade options.




 Warranty and Services


Your Colibri X comes with technical support and two-year limited warranty.