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Colibri X
All new exciting touch screen flight recorder and much more. Available in 2017.
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Challenged to handle air navigation, simply and just with the touch of a finger.

We developed a touch screen device, smart enough, to handle air navigation. Since we deeply understand the needs, we can provide a solution. Colibri X has unique top edge components operating with on brand new user interface for the best experience.

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Top edge user interface
The new Colibri X is designed to give you a totally new experience with fast easy device control.
Customize your Colibri X
At LX we believe that optional user customisation of our operating systems can deliver even better experience. That is why we have developed simple and effective display layout customisation for your personal requirements.
Bright and clear 3.5″ Display

Sharp and transflective display which ensures perfect reading of graphical and alphanumerical data.

Only the best for the best. Discover the all new Colibri X.
Touch screen

3,5 inch transflective, touch screen display allows you to control Colibri X by swift of a finger.

All in one device

GPS receiver and antenna, altimeter with QNH, TP, APT, TSK navigation, IGC flight recorder with ENL, airspaces support and much more.

Pocket size

Designed to fit in a pocket and carry everything you need.

USB port

USB port serves as a data transfer medium for your upgrades, flight records, charging and more.


Colibri X is capable of up to 15 hours of battery operation autonomy.

LX One chip

Custom components designed specially for Colibri X.

Competition proven characteristics for best gliding experience.

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Colibri X – Technical Specifications

Tehnical specification:

• 3.5 inch transflective sunlight readable display
• Simple handling via touch screen
• New LX One Chip
• 8GB internal memory
• Built in GPS receiver and antenna
• Internal battery ensures up to 15 hours of full display operation autonomy
• Built in battery charger (5V via USB)
• Altimeter with QNH
• TP, APT, TSK navigation
• IGC flight recorder with ENL (pending)
• Airspaces support
• WiFi and Bluetooth

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If you want to test our device please find your local dealer or contact us.
We would be pleased to take a walkthrough on our systems.

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