Traffic monitor
57 or 80 mm dedicated traffic monitor with transflective display.
Detailed traffic information with warnings, custom IDs and much more.
Displays the Flarm and ADS-B traffic with audio-visual warnings. Navigate to TP and APT. Logbook with flight transfers. Choose your colour scheme.
Safety is our number 1. Always.

Traffic monitor was designed in cooperation with leading graphic user interface developer union and gliding champions in order to display the intuitive and clear information with readability. It is complex yet easy to use.

Intuitive use for any pilot.

The guidelines for displaying such important data are strict and direct. We strive to make it intuitive and simple to use. And we mean that. Even the installation. It is all plug and play.

Experience the full potentital.

LX Joy is a real leather joystick designed to control your instruments with ease and concentrate on the most important thing. Gliding. 

Ultimate combination.

Connect your Traffic monitor to LX Flarm Eagle. It is the smallest and lightest brand new PowerFLARM on the market. And it is all plug and play.


Latest FLARM EAGLE family is brand new line of PowerFLARM products with wide variety of options. With new OEM FLARM modules it offers extended signal range, faster data processing and additional options: WiFi, Bluetooth, Additional FLARM antenna, ADS-B in and integrated IGC logger with ENL. 

Safety in gliding

With FLARM technology we help to improve safety in gliding and strive to produce the best FLARM accessories on the market. Over the years we have produced over 25.000 FLARM devices and accessories.

2 push buttons, 2 rotary push buttons

Use left rotary knob for zoom in/out and right one to move through pages. Hide/show infobox line with Box button and quick settings with Vol button.

Connectivity is the key

We strive to make our instruments easy to install and use. That is why we use CAN bus or Flarm cable to connect Traffic monitor to FLARM device.

The biggest transflective display on the market

Transflective display technology is the best to use in cockpit. And we did it. LX Traffic monitor has the biggest display on the market.

Simple control over the complex device

User experience is superb, as you move through pages with rotary knob and select your options with push function. Each page is designed to be readable and clear to understand.

Backup navigation

It is always smart to have a backup. That’s why Traffic monitor has a Turnpoint and Airport navigation. Just in case.


Traffic monitor is also your Logbook. Download and transfer your flights.

LX Traffic monitor

Tech specs



Size and weight


LX Traffic monitor 80

Height: 82 millimeters (3.23 inches)

Width: 82 millimeters (3.23 inches)

Depth: 52 millimeters (2.04 inches)

Weight: 300 grams (0.66 pound)


LX Traffic monitor 57

Height: 62 millimeters (2.44 inches)

Width: 62 millimeters (2.44 inches)

Depth: 43 millimeters (1.71 inches)

Weight: 157 grams (0.35 pound)





 Power and battery


Power supply: 12 V DC or 24 V DC (12 V version or 24 V version)

Power consumption: 150 mA @ 12 V





What’s in the box


LX Traffic monitor 57 or LX Traffic monitor 80

CAN cable or 1:1 FLARM cable  (CAN or FLARM version)






RJ 45 CAN port / RJ12 FLARM port (CAN or FLARM version)

3,5 mm Audio jack





Processor and memory


LX one chip and 16 GB external memory





 Options and upgrades


Contact our local dealer for upgrade options.




 Warranty and Services


Your LX Traffic monitor comes with technical support and two-year limited warranty.