Flarm Red Box
Panel space saving Flarm compatible unit.
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  • The unit is powered by the glider’s 12 V network.Requires external GPS antenna.
  • External Flarm RF dipole antenna includes aprox. 150 cm cable.
  • Flarm External Display is connected to the Flarm unit via the RJ 6 (telephone type) connector that may also be used for firmware updates.
  • Secondary Flarm display may be connected by utilizing LX Flarm splitter.
  • The push button on top has identical function as with the original Flarm units.
  • Plug and play connectable with the LX Navigation Voice Module
  • Optional IGC approved Flight Recorder and ENL sensor
  • Delivery includes: Flarm Black Box, Dipole RF Antenna and GPS Antenna.
  • Dimensions: 95x50x25 mm


LX Flarm Red Box is a compact Flarm compatible “black box” unit. The small dimensions of the box meakes possible to install the unit anywhere in the cockpit. The GPS antenna, SD card reader and Flarm radio antenna are extended parts and can be therefore installed at convenient positions. The unit comes in four versions:

  • Flarm Red Box with SD card reader and NOT approved flight recorder
  • Flarm Red Box with SD card reader and approved flight recorder
  • Flarm Red Box with SD card reader, approved flight recorder and ENL sensor

As a standard solution the unit comes with Flarm Dipole RF antenna. Optionally a lambda/4 Rf antenna.

Display options:

  • Led display
  • Color display