Flarm MiniBox
A miniature compact Flarm unit.
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  • Robust metal case
  • Extremely compact outline: 53x29x83 mm
  • Dual colour LED display
  • Capable to drive secondary Flarm displays, PDA and also Voice module
  • Two versions: 1. with SD card and flight recorder*,  2. without SD card and without flight recorder
  • Dipole RF antenna as a standard solution, other antenna types on request
  • GPS antenna as an integral part of the system
  • Can be used as a GPS source for navigation instruments


LX Flarm Mini Box has been developed as a small Flarm compatible unit for “on top” installation. There are no external parts to be connected or wired. All installation works are done after fixing the device on the top of the instrument panel.

12V power connector (6P telephone type) is on the back side of the unit. Flarm and navigation data are also available on the same connector. This makes it possible to connect secondary units (for example displays and PDAs) via suitable splitters.

Units equipped with SD card interface also support flight recorder function (optional feature). The dual color LED display (red and green) offers extremely precise information about the traffic situation around the glider.