Fly safely and stay in control. Discover our latest PowerFLARM product. Now with ADS-B in, Garmin TIS option and USB port.
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Remember the LX FLARM RedBox? Well, this is the future.

PowerFLARM EAGLE is a compact FLARM compatible “black box” unit. The small dimensions of the box make it possible to install it anywhere in the cockpit. The GPS antenna, FLARM display and FLARM radio antenna are connected separately and can therefore be installed at convenient positions.

Brand new PowerFLARM OEM module

PowerFLARM is a small and lightweight technology platform that is compatible with other FLARM devices installed in over 30.000 aircrafts around the globe. We managed to make it even better.

Safety is our no. 1 goal

At LX navigation we strive to produce not only the best but also the safest devices. This is why we are designing and using the latest technology for even better flying experience. Over the past decade, we produced over 10.000 FLARM devices to help you avoid any misfortunate event.

The smallest and the lightest

We designed the smallest and lightest PowerFLARM on the market, because we know how important it is, to save space and weight.

Connectivity is the key

Data connector is RJ11 and antenna connectors are SMA which make it easy and fast to install.

You don’t see it, but you know it’s there

We combined our know-how with PowerFLARM in order to design the top edge device which is hidden in your cockpit.

Evolution is the right solution

Ground up design with new components, faster processing and better transmitting and receiving of the data.

Just in case, I will be your backup

It is always smart to have a backup. That’s why you can have an IGC approved flight recorder with ENL sensor built inside.

Upgrade your PowerFLARM Eagle

PowerFLARM EAGLE can be upgraded anytime with any of the available options: IGC flight recorder, IGC + ENL flight recorder, ADSB in, Bluetooth, Diversity and Garmin TIS support.

PowerFLARM EAGLE is the smallest and lightest PowerFLARM product on the market. Reduce your weight and improve performance.

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Tech specs



Size and weight


Height: 68 millimeters (2.67 inches)

Width: 50 millimeters (1.96 inches)

Depth: 23 millimeters (24.07 inches)

Weight: 76 grams (0.16 pound)





 Power and battery


Power supply: 9-36 V DC

Power consumption: 80 mA @ 12 V





What’s in the box


PowerFlarm Eagle

Dipole RF Antenna

GPS Antenna

Quick guide

Baro-calibration chart (optional)

Additional antenna(s) depending on options







RJ11 FLARM data connector

SMA GPS connector

SMA FLARM RF connectors

USB port







PowerFLARM OEM Module





Flight recorder


IGC (International Gliding Commission) approved logger (optional)

ENL (environmental noise level) for combustion engines (optional)





 Options and upgrades


IGC flight recorder

IGC + ENL flight recorder

Diversity module (Additional dipole antenna comes with diversity module.)

ADS-B in option (Additional ADSB antenna comes with ADS-B in option.)

Bluetooth connectivity

Garmin TIS support




 Warranty and Services


Your PowerFLARM EAGLE comes with technical support and two-year limited warranty.