Joystick for vario navigation system designed for maximum gliding comfort.
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The first Joystick ever built, where you can access
all functions without any press on the device.
It consists of 5 push buttons, 1 navigation switch
with push button (4 axis and 1 enter), 1 LED indicator
and 1 button at the back for SC. It has 3 modes:
Normal, Zoom/Volume and PAN mode.


  • 5 push buttons
  • 1 navigation switch with push function
  • CAN connection
  • Plug and play with LX Zeus
  • Ergonomically designed with Leather
  • 1 LED indicator (for modes of operation)
  • 1 SC button at the back
  • Diameters available: 19,1 mm, 20,1 mm, 24,3 mm, 25 mm
  • Also available with Trimmer for AS and Start button for SH