Flaps sensor
The unit is capable to detect longitudinal movement of the flaps lever command rod. The device, which converts longitudinal movement into an electrical signal, is a high quality wire-wound multi turn potentiometer.
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Electronic interface:

  •    34 x 27 x 18 mm
  •    2x CAN bus connectors (8P)
  •    No soldering required
  •    Plug and fly connection
  •    Compatible with LX Zeus, LX Era and LX Eos
  •    Easy calibration via user interface on LX Zeus, LX Era and LX Eos
  •    Stand alone solution with LX NavBox as indicator

Mechanical layout:

  •    Diameter                                            38 mm
  •    Width                                                 49 mm
  •    Cord maximal move                        300 mm